The Story Behind the Mission

Driven by simple, every day experiences with concerns over cleanliness, NanoTouch co-founders Dennis Hackemeyer and Mark Sisson decided there had to be a better way. A way to deliver cleanliness in public places without toxins. A way to deliver cleanliness without simply using more chemicals. And a way to deliver cleanliness that wouldn't hurt the environment. Here are some of the events that lead to their innovative approach:

The Story of Little Johnny's Backpack

Little Johnny leaves home, gets on the school bus and places his backpack on the bus floor. When he gets to school, he visits the restroom and places his backpack on the bathroom floor. He goes to the gym and places it on the locker room floor. When he gets home, he places his backpack on the kitchen counter. There needed to be a place in the home where that backpack could rest without spreading contaminants throughout the house.

The Story of the Airport Traveler

John Smith, one of 895 million passengers annually, is traveling on business and arrives at the airport early. Before going through security, John decides to visit the restroom, walking all over that nice clean bathroom floor. He then heads to security where he is required to remove put them in the security bin. The next poor traveler puts their phone, wallet, eyeglasses and keys in that same nasty bin. If you wanted to design a way to spread contaminants among travelers on 37 million flights originating from 9,000 airports, you couldn't do a better job.

The Aha Moment at Lunch

NanoTouch co-founders were having lunch early in the research and development phase and noticed some interesting behaviors. A mother with a toddler was wiping her table with disinfectant wipes and using hand sanitizer on her child's hands. A waitress was using what looked like a dirty dish rag to "clean" a table close by. A person coming into the restaurant sneezes into their hand right before opening the door. In the restroom, the floor was littered with paper towels from people afraid to touch the door handle.

It was at this lunch that the founders made a couple of important realizations. First, people are concerned about "clean" for good reason. But cleaning isn't enough. You also have to deliver a feeling of safety and security by making clean visible. And finally, the entire environment doesn't have to be sterile. Delivering a visibly clean surface exactly when and where it's needed is the ultimate goal...a rifle shot approach. We deliver clean surfaces where people touch and where they rest personal items, and we do it with technology rather than toxins.

NanoTouch Today

NanoTouch Materials is located at the Center for Advanced Engineering & Research in Forest, Virginia. All NanoSeptic products are made in the USA. Our research and development lab, funded by a $2 million grant, is constantly developing new products and applications in our effort to provide cleaner, healthier (less chemicals and poisons) places in which to live, work and play. And our mission is being embraced worldwide with the help of distributors in 30 countries. We're out to create, not just a clean world, but a self-cleaning world!