• International Distributors
  • Benefits
  • Differentiator
  • New product category
  • Not a commodity, great margins
  • High value to space ratio
  • Simple volume-based pricing
  • Great prospect door opener
  • High value to shipping ratio
  • Easy customs approval

If you are distributor outside the US looking for an award-winning, unique product line, contact us to get started.

Here are the import codes for different categories of our products:

  • HTS 3924.90.5650 for mats
  • HTS 3919.90.5060 for adhesive backed facility touch points
  • HTS 3919.90.5060 for adhesive backed¬†touchscreen film and elevator buttons
  • HTS 8473.30.0002 for mousepads
  • HTS¬†4009.11.0000 for door handle sleeves